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Kind letters

She coached me through asking the right questions...

Shannon guided me through buying a new home in Santa Cruz. She is super responsive, patient, thorough, and thoughtful. Shannon drove me all around the neighborhoods, sharing her local perspective on each areas, which I really couldn't have found anywhere else. We walked through more than a few homes for sale and (surprisingly quickly) found "the one." She coached me through asking the right questions of myself, strategizing on timing, and negotiating the purchase. Shannon really seems to know everyone in town, which is helpful for figuring out who to trust with doing what (e.g., super thorough general inspection). When I was overseas for the last couple of weeks of closing escrow, Shannon held down the fort and made sure we closed out cleanly and on time. I couldn't have done this without her. She's just plain amazing to work with.

Leila Takayama |

Where do I start...

I so love Shannon Renfrew's professional, personal, patience, persistence and pride in her work as well as making me feel confident and certainly very trusting of her knowledge. It was my first home buying experience, we closed Escrow on July 5th! Shannon came and found me on my mail route to deliver my keys to my new home and new chapter in my life!!! That's how she rolls, love you Shannon!!! Thank you with all my heart, Shannon Renfrew!!! ;););)

Lynn Soriano |

She was incredible during the process...

Shannon was instrumental in selling a beach property with a quaint old cottage which was a difficult sell in a market that was just starting to recover.  She was a lifesaver in her treatment of our tenant during the listing, ensuring that his needs were met as well as ours, which touched my heart as we adored our tenant and kept that relationship in excellent standing.  She also worked very hard marketing the property and maintaining a very positive energy for us while this was the first house we had sold.  She was incredible during the process and while being diligent and optimistic, was very transparent to help manage our expectations in a very professional way - that in itself was priceless.  She is very much trusted and we are seeking her for another challenging real estate transaction this spring, she is a firecracker, professional and very talented.

Steve & Sara W. |

I'm so happy...

Ultra responsive, flexible, and awesome! Shannon had the patience to take me through tons of homes and we finally found the PERFECT place, and I'm so happy. She handled all my complications well, kept us up on the paperwork and all the details. Wonderful to work with, highly recommend.

Lisa Napier |

You need her, she needs you...

Want an easy real estate transaction? Hire Shannon Renfrew! She works tirelessly to get you in the door of your new home, or out of your old.

Shannon helped us sell and buy. It was easy, seamless. You need her, she needs you!

The Cayton's |
Buyers and Sellers

She is the best in the business!

It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share our experience with Shannon Renfrew. We can't imagine what it would have been like to go through the process of buying our first home without her patience, guidance and wisdom. Honestly, I don’t think that we could have made this process any harder - we were out of the country for the vast majority of the process and completely clueless on the ins and out of real estate, but it was abundantly clear that we were working with the best and smartest real estate professional around. A less experienced agent would have never been able to handle all the issues that came up. Shannon handled everything, and it reduced the stress that we were under. At several points during the process I was on the edge of panic, but my husband reminded me, “Shannon is on it. It’s all going to work out.” And he was right, we’re now comfortably settled into a home that our boys can grow up in.


We found Shannon to be a highly attentive agent. She kept in constant contact with us, even though we were in a different time zone. Her help guiding us through this unfamiliar process was indispensable, and we couldn't be more appreciative of the tireless work Shannon put in to get us our first home. Even after the closing she has remained in contact with us to ensure that things are going smoothly.


We are pleased to recommend Shannon Renfrew to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is the best in the business! We have such gratitude for Shannon helping us to realize our dream of owning a home in Santa Cruz.

Billings Family |
Buyers |
Santa Cruz & Live Oak

I couldn't have asked for better treatment...

Dear Shannon, As you know I called you in a state of near desperation.  Two different friends of a friend had told me they were interested in buying my condo.  In each case we had agreed on a good buyer’s price, since I figured I wouldn’t be paying a sales commission.  Based on the knowledge that I had my place sold, I came back to Connecticut and entered an agreement on a property back here.  Unfortunately after I had committed myself to buying this property each of the would be buyers backed out, after long delays, so that I suddenly had no money to complete my deal back here.  That’s when I called you.The first thing you did was get me listed, the same night I called you.  Next day (Sunday) you came by my condo with a portfolio of comps, in my own condo complex, so that I could see what units had been selling for.  I chose to list towards the low end so that we could sell fast.  You immediately set up two realtor open houses.  One for Tuesday, and one for Thursday.  Then there was to be a regular open house, listed in the Sentinel, for Saturday.  Before the Saturday open house, we had the offers I needed.  You quickly had the ad overlaid with a “sold” banner and cancelled the open house.  So after a couple of months of uncertainty with people who thought they wanted to buy my condo, you had it sold in less than a week.  I also ended up getting more than I asked for it, and way more than I would have gotten had I sold it to my friends friends.What can I say about your work?  You were always very responsive.  You referred me to good people for closing and followed up for me when things seemed to slow down.  You made sure we got the paperwork right and you kept in contact with me over any developments that came along.  I left with more money than if I had sold it myself, even after deducting the commission.  As far as I’m concerned you did an excellent job, and were always considerate of my needs.  I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. So, that’s it.  Feel free to use this note in some sort of personal portfolio, or in any way you would like.  I thank you so much for all your help, your follow through, and mostly just for being the kind of thoughtful and considerate person we all wish we could deal with all the time.  Best of luck in all you do. Peace

Dan Hatch |

Seriously loving our home!

Dear Shannon,

David and I would like to thank you so much for finding our dream home!  We truly appreciate your flexibility and spending so many Saturdays with us.  It was always nice that you made time for us that worked with our busy work schedules.

You are such a pleasure to work with.  Even when things were looking down you were always right there to keep us on track. After putting in 11 offers on 10 different homes I was feeling a little discouraged, but you were right there with new properties every weekend!  Thank you for being on top of all the countless forms to sign and helping us through the often confusing circumstances of purchasing a home.

Five years ago, when my mom was buying her home from you, I never would have thought that I too would get to work with you towards the same goal.  I know that the economy is hard for a lot of people right now, but this is really a special opportunity for young couples, much like us, to buy a home in Santa Cruz County.  We’ll forever be thankful that we were able to work with someone who is so bright and wonderful!

Seriously loving our home!

David and Allie |

... She made us feel like we were her only clients..

Our experience with Shannon was fantastic! She is incredibly fast to respond to any of your questions, even late at night. She is super patient and she wants to make sure you get exactly the house you want. She is willing to go the extra mile to make that happen, whatever it takes. She always made us feel like we were her only clients. I can not recommend her enough! Plus, I made a new friend!

Earen and Alan P |
Buyers and Sellers

For her service above and beyond the call of duty, I most highly recommend Shannon Renfrew as my top choice of real estate agents in Santa Cruz County. Shannon is diligent, conscientious, caring and always a pleasure to work with. I began looking for a home during a fiercely competitive seller's market, at a time when the housing inventory was extremely low and prices were climbing monthly. As the market was so competitive, decisions had to be made quickly; Shannon negotiated successful offers on three homes entering escrow each time, before in succession, I decided that each had its unacceptable flaws and withdrew my offer. I call this my "test drive" period in which I ascertained Shannon's exceptional negotiating skills. (Shannon probably has another name for it).

Ultimately, Shannon found me the perfect home; we both knew it when we saw it. Negotiations went flawlessly and Shannon managed both the close of escrow and the fumigation of my new home while I was on vacation. All this while very pregnant with twins. Now that's service!


Shannon's willingness to really listen to what I was looking for helped me to find just the right house even in a very competitive market. She is knowledgeable, persistent and congenial in just the right mix.

Shannon has earned my respect, my loyalty and my future referrals for a job most excellently done.

Gavin McClure |

I would want to work with her again.

Buying a home can be a bit overwhelming. Shannon patiently arranged showings that worked with our schedule and always responded promptly. If I were buying or selling today, I would want to work with her again. She's very knowledgeable.

Jeanette Richey |
Buyer |
Santa Cruz & Live Oak

Can't wait to invite her to our housewarming party!

"We were lucky to have heard about Shannon through a family friend. We were getting ready to buy our first house, and Shannon never pressured or rushed us. She was always available to answer a million questions and always made us feel like she had time available for us. Shannon guided us through the home buying process and made it so easy and stress free. She was up front, open, and honest with us and always kept in mind our wants and needs. We definitely couldn’t have bought our first house without Shannon and can’t wait to invite her to our housewarming party!

Jeff and Allison |
Buyers |
Santa Cruz & Live Oak

She made the process fun!

In August of 2010, I decided to finally take a leap and began to plan a move from my home in Fresno, Ca to somewhere in the Santa Cruz area.  I had no prior experience or knowledge when it came to choosing the right area for a home to purchase in SC, and I knew I needed a real estate agent that was both patient and familiar with the area.

When I purchased my first home, I used a friend of my parents as my agent, and even though he did the job, I never felt the caliber of service I was expecting for this type of service.  Very dry, "Let's just get this done." type of service.  I decided to take a different approach this time.

I work with computers and decided to look for an agent that embraced technology.  I believe an agent that uses every resource possible to advertise is working hard, thus providing a better service.  I want someone that has gone beyond the standard one page on the website of the company they work for. I decided to start with a quick google search of, "Santa Cruz real estate agent", and up comes  Promising; let's check this out.

I am greeted by the slogan, "I never forget you have a choice!", and I know I am on the right track.

Filled with information to cover any buyer or seller's needs, the website answered many questions I had about the area I was planning on moving to.  I decided to check one more source, Facebook, and wow(!), Shannon Renfrew has not only a FB account, but a fan page containing tons of helpful tips and information about the real estate market.

I made the call to Bailey Properties, and was greeted by a very pleasant person who informed me Shannon was out of the office and offered me her cell number.  I called up and made an appointment with Shannon.

I made the drive from Fresno to Santa Cruz and was very happy to find Shannon was ready for our appointment immediately.  She knew I was pressed for time and had to do this with an inspector's eye, but in a very timely fashion.  She hands me a list of properties, with full descriptions of each, and tells me she has planned the route for the whole day.  We hop in her vehicle, out comes the GPS, and away we go.

By now, you can see where this is going, so let's turn the long story short.  In two months time, I was out of my old home and in my new one.  Shannon listened to everything I had to say, every step of the way, and helped me to find the exact home I was looking for.

I couldn't believe how much easier this home purchase was than my last one, and it was due to Shannon Renfrew.  The combo of real estate experience and local knowledge was exactly what I needed, but above all, she actually made this process fun.  That's right, I said FUN!  When have you bought a house and had it be fun?  Yep, that's right.

In closing, I would like to again recommend Shannon Renfrew for any real estate services you are in need of.  The level of service was so far above, I actually created an account with just to leave this review.  When was the last time you had service inspire YOU like that?

Jerod R. |

Shannon's expertise kept our drama to a minimum!

Shannon represented us for the sale of our townhouse and subsequent purchase of a single family residence. We couldn't have been happier with the service and expertise she provided on what was both a challenging sale and an "against the odds" purchase. The townhouse sale required navigating a layer of State regulations related to Homeowner Association transactions and the purchase was a short sale with a first, second, tenants, landlords and VA financing. We were operating on a tight timeline to coordinate the sale, purchase, and move but Shannon was on top of everything throughout each phase. It was clear she had a good relationship with other agents in the area and I am sure this helped matters during negotiations. That townhouse sold, in this downturn, in just a couple of weeks! We also had great results from the network of professionals she had experience working with on previous transactions (inspectors, tenting, repairs, etc).

Selling, buying and moving is a stressful endeavor under the best of conditions but Shannon's expertise kept our drama to a minimum! When all was said and done, we ended up with more house than I thought we'd be able to afford and we did it within our budget.  This was a series of complicated transactions and I can't imagine them having ended with a better outcome.

Jocelyn and David B. |
Buyers and Sellers

Shannon is a fantastic resource for real estate advice and a tireless worker.

Joe Hyatt

We both liked Shannon from the start.

Working with Shannon Renfrew is an experience that I recommend to anyone who is considering the purchase of a home or rental property in Santa Cruz because she really knows the area.  She came highly recommended for her professionalism and expertise and quickly won us over with her perseverance and hard work.  Her knack for putting us in touch with the right people is invaluable.  Shannon Renfrew is a great  resource for homebuyers who are new to Santa Cruz as well as for experienced landlords who need to manage their Santa Cruz rental properties from out of town.

My wife and I currently live in Washington state and were looking for a house in the Aptos area but didn't know any real estate agents in  Santa Cruz or Aptos.  Our situation was different in that we would not be able to live in the area all year round and we needed to be able to rent out our house part of the year.  Our particular situation gave us only five days to look for a house that would work for us. We spoke with everyone we knew in looking for a good real estate agent and finally got Shannon's name. Shannon met us right away at a nice little ice cream store in downtown Santa Cruz.

We both liked Shannon from the start. Shannon is a very friendly,warm and outgoing person. She is down to earth and very genuine. She worked very hard for us and never pressured us. She would answer any question posed to her honestly. We never felt that she was trying to get a sale.  She always seemed to be working to understand what we wanted and to facilitate our desires.  We weren't sure it was possible to find a place in our time frame in the tight Santa Cruz market. Shannon listened carefully and went right to work for us.


We would call Shannon at any hour of the day, sometimes with unusual requests and she never faltered or flinched.  She was amazingly fast and comprehensive in getting our questions answered. Her warmth and personable approach really helped us through the stress and frustration of our quick search for a home.


To our surprise and delight, we did find a place and made an offer. By this time we were back in WA and the largely electronic negotiation and correspondence went way more smoothly than we thought it would.


Shannon helped us build an offer that we were very happy with and supported our wishes at every step. We ended up getting the house fair price and are very pleased.

We have bought and sold houses before, but it never went this smoothly in our past.If we ever need a real estate agent in Santa Cruz again we would feel crushed if we couldn't work with Shannon.

Shannon was so helpful. She was able to listen to what we were looking for and home in on properties that would really fit our needs. She is very pleasant and understanding. She is a pleasure to work with.

John and Jan J |

She is fantastic in all aspects!

Our family is so happy that we found Shannon to help us find our new home in Santa Cruz!  She has been a delight to work with all the way through the long and complicated process of finding and buying a home.  Shannon spent countless hours driving us from house to house to look at homes.  She listened to what we were looking for in a home and continued to help us find the "perfect" home for us.  Even when we became discouraged, she would always stay positive and send us new listings to look through.  We put an offer on 5 homes before we found the right match.  Shannon was professional and yet kind and caring at the same time.  She was always positive and a delight to speak with.  Her responsiveness was outstanding.  She was virtually available for our questions and comments 24/7!  Her knowledge extends way beyond the real estate industry.  She was able to guide us through all of the inspections, understanding the disclosures and reviewing the final title documents.  She has many references to help with painting, carpentry, landscaping and even setting up utilities.  She literally held our hand all the way through the process of buying a home.

Having worked with a number of other real estate agents in the past, I can't imagine working with any other agent than Shannon when buying or selling a home in Santa Cruz or the Bay Area.  She is fantastic in all aspects!

Julie C |

Shannon is a fantastic realtor to work with. She has an in-depth knowledge of all things real estate and provided us with exactly what we needed to get the house of our dreams!

Kristine and Josh Pederson |
Buyers and Sellers

I always refer Shannon to anyone I know looking to buy or sell in Santa Cruz County..

Moving back to Santa Cruz from Austin seemed daunting to say the least, but upon a recommendation from great friends we used Shannon Renfrew.  From the get go Shannon worked tirelessly to find us the perfect home.  She was constantly sending us homes to check out, and really listened about what we were after.  It was a frustrating process at times, but Shannon's help and encouragement really helped us get through the process.  My husband was still in TX at the time, so there was the added pressure of having to make a decision without him here.  Thankfully Shannon was with us through the entire process, and I truly believe she is the reason we got the house we wanted for the price we wanted to pay:-)  She is an absolute pleasure to work with and in the process we gained a friend.  I always refer Shannon to anyone I know looking to buy or sell in Santa Cruz County.  Her knowledge of the market, and the relationships she has with both her clients and other realtors make her a great choice for a realtor.  I highly recommend Shannon for any real estate needs, and I know when it comes time to sell our current home Shannon will be my first call.

Laura and Tom Jones |

Thank you for always being available...

Can't say enough positive things about Shannon. Thank you for the quick sale of our home. You are amazing! Thank you for always being available to us to answer any questions we had. The sale went fast and was very easy. Thanks again for all your help!

Maggie and Doug S. |

...extremely responsive and professional...

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the superior customer service that I received from Shannon Renfrew.  This was my first time selling a property and Shannon took the time to walk me through the process, set appropriate expectations, and answer all of my questions.  She was extremely responsive and professional and made the process very easy.  I have already recommended Shannon to my parents and they too have already experienced her excellent customer service.

Melissa Jahnke |

excellent service and fast results.

Shannon is an absolute pleasure to work with. She provided excellent service and fast results. With Shannon's help, I moved into my new home within 2 months. Her knowledge of real estate helped make the buying process painless.

Melissa Upton |
Buyer and Seller

We were very impressed with her knowledge of the local market ...

Shannon just completed the purchase of a house in Santa Cruz on our behalf.  My wife and I live in NY, and the transaction required frequent communication and much hand-holding on Shannon’s part.  We were very impressed with her knowledge of the local market which served us well in negotiating a satisfying transaction with the seller.  Without Shannon’s guidance, we would surely have been lost in the preparation of reasonable and appropriate offers.


In the communications and exchanges Shannon conducted with other professionals in the field (listing agents, inspectors, contractors, title companies, etc) it was obvious that she had an established circle of solid, reliable and trustworthy relationships which facilitated a relatively rapid closing.


Shannon guided us through the purchase process with its myriad documents, certificates, disclosures and agreements -- which makes the NY purchase process look simple --without a hitch.


We thank Shannon for her efforts and unreservedly recommend her services to anyone seeking help with a future real estate transaction

Michael and Mary Ann Jefferies |

She really listened to what I was looking for.

I was referred to Shannon by a friend, and felt at ease from the first day I met Shannon over a coffee at The Abbey. I believe that my circumstances presented a true challenge to Shannon: my income and requirements (like a garage!) were not conducive to finding something affordable on the West side of Santa Cruz. In fact, I did not get my hopes up about finding a new home and even partially gave up part way through. Major kudos to Shannon for helping me make it happen! She really listened to what I was looking for and made sure that my new home had all the things I needed. Shannon also really extended herself in order to make sure that my very first home purchase went as smoothly and seamlessly as possible; she made something that could have been very scary so much easier to handle. I cannot be more grateful for all of Shannon's help and her contributions to my home buying experience. I recommend Shannon very highly.

Nicole Goebel |

Now, she's a trusted friend...

Four years!!! That's how long Shannon helped us to look for a home! Our initial budget was sooo low, but she never gave us less that top notch treatment. Now, she's a trusted friend, for life!

Pam and John L. |

...the best!

Dear Shannon, Thank you, thank you very much.  You are the best!

Pat and Alli |
Buyers |
San Lorenzo Valley

...a knowledgeable realtor , trustworthy and fair.

We can't say enough good things about Shannon. She helped us sell our house and then helped us buy a house. She is a knowledgeable realtor , trustworthy and fair. She is also very patient. We looked at houses for a few years and it seemed unlikely that we would find one we liked as well as the house we had. We were all surprised when we did. She will go that extra mile for her clients. As a bonus she will light up any room with her smile.

Patti and Larry Palmer |
Sellers and Buyers

Thank-you for treating us like family, with the utmost of respect.

Dear Miss Shannon,

Our mom and dad asked us to help them thank you for helping us find our dream home in Santa Cruz. Dad will be moving out there first because mom needs to help us finish out another week and a half of our prekindergarten and first grade school terms here in Georgia. After 2 trips across the country to house hunt with you 6 months ago, we knew you had a feel for what our dream house was and you most certainly searched diligently until you found “the one” (play set already included, yes!).


Mom and dad believe that everything happens for a reason, and our great fortune led us to you. We sincerely appreciate your courtesy, professionalism, and promptness with absolutely every aspect of the home buying process. You reliably followed up on every detail of the paperwork, inspections, deadlines, and are even helping us with tasks after closing (i.e., tenting of the home and hand watering of some flower beds until dad gets there). You referred mom and dad to several great resources in town and are helping make this momentous transition easier on our family. Thank-you for treating us like family, with the utmost of respect.


In summary, mom and dad give you an A+ with bonus points, and in our terms, you‘re “awesome“. Please let us know when you can come over and play.



Andrew (almost 7) and Bradley (5) Vu




Shannon Renfrew has earned lifetime referrals from our family for all the above reasons

Rose Tran and Thanh Vu |

This could turn out to be the best call you have ever made...

After careful thought and much deliberation we decided to sell our family home. Never having experienced this process before, we had no idea how to get started. Naturally we confided in a family member who advised us to call Shannon Renfrew with Bailey properties.

This proved to be the call that changed our future forever.

Shannon met with us and calmed our fears with her professional confidence. We felt very comfortable with Shannon from the first meeting.

Shannon sold our home with such respect one would have thought she was selling her own family home.

We would advise anyone considering selling or purchasing a home to give Shannon a call, you won’t be sorry. In fact it could turn out to be the best call you have ever made, we know it was for us.

Steve and Vickie Perrucci |

Most of all…we trusted her!


Shannon is absolutely the best!  She is personable, professional, and competent!  My husband and I are (were) first time homebuyers.  We had a never-ending list of questions… all of which Shannon answered for us.  She walked us through each step and we always felt supported.  Most of all…we trusted her!

We currently live in a fabulous home and we know that we would not be here today if it wasn’t for Shannon.  After describing to Shannon what we were looking for in a home, she found us the perfect place.  Shannon also has a great family herself and knows what it is like to supply nourishment, safety, and shelter for those we care so deeply for.  We simply could not thank Shannon enough for all that she has done for our family.

The Groleau Family |
Buyers are amazing at what you do!

October 20, 2018
We are thrilled to be moving into our new home, thanks to the great work of Shannon Renfrew! We can't say enough about her professionalism, attention to detail and exceptional negotiating skills. Her communication allowed us to stay informed throughout the entire process and her willingness to track details allowed us to comfortably rely on her during the buying process. We appreciated that she understood and responded to the ups and downs that go along with searching for just the right home. Thank you Shannon for your amazing work!
~ Mulders
I could go on and on...but that might be a bit much for the website :) Really, really grateful for your expertise along the way, you are amazing at what you do!

The Mulder Family |
Buyers |
Santa Cruz & Live Oak

...what made Shannon so wonderful and special to me is her capacity for calm, clear and caring communication


Shannon was recommended to me by a friend and has been nothing but wonderful! I contacted her about six weeks ago, and am closing on my new house today.

She is extremely available and willing to get done what needs doing in a quick and timely way! From the first day that I met her, she was willing to spend hours after 5 pm creating offers and helping me work with the mortgage lender. As mentioned in the other review, she uses technology to its fullest, to the benefit of the buyer. She is also a hard worker: Shannon was always ready to drive out to look at a property, promptly called other agents and owners to get information for us, and was highly professional the whole time.

All the above qualities are very important, but what made Shannon so wonderful and special to me is her capacity for calm, clear and caring communication! I cannot stress enough how Shannon's personality and ability to communicate clearly made my house-buying process a great experience. Shannon has the ability to lead a buyer though urgent, complex, unfamiliar steps of the house-buying process in a way that does not leave the buyer more stressed out, or confused. She somehow manages to communicate when something is urgent or important in a respectful and efficient way without making a person feel harried/worried or worse! For me, this was the most important, and wonderful aspect of working with Shannon.

I also appreciated the way that Shannon communicated and interacted with the seller's agent: so respectful, clear and honest.

I would definitely recommend Shannon Renfrew to anyone who wants to buy a house or sell a house, and if I ever have sell/buy again, I know who I will be calling.

Walter and Lilith O. |